Budgeting for Moving Day

Choosing a moving company is a process where you’ll find yourself considering numerous factors: customer ratings, reliability, proximity, availability, and whether it is licensed and insured. But perhaps the biggest factor you’ll take into account when moving to a new home is the overall cost.

Maybe you’re lucky and there’s a relocation company spotting the cost of your move. But if not, an important part of preparing to move into a new home is budgeting appropriately for the expenses you’ll incur to do it. This includes any deposit or up-front fees you may need to pay in order to reserve services for moving day.

Not to toot our own horn, but at Abba Movers we believe in being upfront about your moving costs. In fact, if you’re in Southeast Louisiana, you can get an online estimate for your move on our website. Our Book My Move tool is always free to use—with no hidden fees or extras to come later. And beyond just entering your home size, we’ll also account for stairs, distance from the front door to curb, and include any specialty items—like pianos and gun cases—you need to be transported as part of your move.

Do yourself a favor and get multiple bids from full-service movers, but feel free to use our online calculator to help give yourself an idea of the costs you may be facing.

Besides the cost of hiring a mover, here are some other costs you may need to consider when budgeting for your move:

  • Packing materials like boxes, packing tape, sharpies, newspaper (for stuffing in and around fragile items), labels, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies to clean up your new home before you move in—or for your old home after you move out. Cleaning supplies may include anti-bacterial wipes, window cleaner, a carpet shampooer, cleaners and rags for dusting furniture and cleaning floors.
  • If you’re moving yourself: Truck, trailer, furniture dolly, high-quality moving blankets (these can all be rented)
  • On or offsite storage before, during, and/or after your move.
  • Child or pet care before, during, and/or after your move.

Budgeting isn’t always strictly to do with money; you’ll also need to budget your time. Moving companies often quote hourly, so you can hopefully count on your moving company of choice to let you know what to expect on a moving day. But outside of that, you’ll need to think about the time you need to pack, unpack, and move any smaller items you plan to transport on your own. If you aren’t moving on a weekend, you—and possibly your family members—may need to schedule time away from work.

Budgeting for a move to a new home can be a daunting task, but hopefully this quick guide can get you started as you prepare for moving day—and all the expenses that come along with it.

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