Let us carry the stress of your move.Let us carry the stress of your move.


What To Get Moving On When You’re Not [Yet] Moving

Moving tips articles are often packed with advice on how to acquire an arsenal of boxes or make the most use of space, but we’re going to shy away from the traditional this time around. Instead, let’s focus on those moving-related things you can take care of before you gather up your knickknacks or even lift one piece of furniture.

Your Home

Do Your Homework
This goes without saying, but not all moving companies are created equal. Be sure to do your research on both moving costs and customer reviews. At Abba Movers, we provide a free moving cost calculator to be up front about the moving costs you can expect.

Get Moving On Where You’re Going
You’re moving; and there are plenty of folks that will need to know that. First things first, either head to your local post office or go online to change your mailing address and possibly forward your mail at the same time.

Utility Player
Once you have a moving date, you’ll need to be sure you have your utilities set up at your new home—and shut off at your current residence. So make a plan to have the services in the list below installed where you’re going and disconnected where you’re leaving.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Waste Services

Get Off My Lawn
Okay, may be that’s a little harsh. But if you’re moving, you’re going to need to end some agreements—or transfer if you’re moving nearby—with service providers like landscaping, housekeeping, pool maintenance and termite/pest control agencies. Be sure to ask for recommendations from your current provider if you need new service at your new home.

Your Health and Future

Know Where You Go
You’ve changed your address already (right?) but there’s still plenty left to do. Prioritize getting in touch with financial and health-related institutions to let them know where you’re going to end up. In some cases, you may need to transfer or switch to new providers. We recommend updating your address with the following places (and you may be able to do so online in some cases):

Your Kids and Pets

Do Your Homework
If you have kids that are school-age, it’s time to start researching schools in your new community—unless you’ve done that already. Let’s be honest—many parents pick their new home location based on the education opportunities in the area. But in the case that you haven’t already, do the work. You can take advantage of online tools like GreatSchools to help you make an informed decision. And once you do, don’t forget to get in touch with school officials so you can begin the enrollment process for your children.

Furry Friend Focus
If you’re moving far enough away, it’s possible you’ll need to switch veterinarians for your house pets. Make sure to contact your vet to get your hands on any pertinent pet medical records or active prescriptions. Your vet might even have a recommendation for a veterinarian in your new community. At the very least, you can update your address with your vet if you’re staying close enough to continue using their services. Speaking of changing addresses—yes, yes, it’s a theme; you are moving after all—don’t forget to get new tags and update any microchip information for your doggos and felines.

Set Your Sitters
Depending on the distance and level of complication that come with your particular move, you may be considering seeking out child care on moving day. Get ahead of the game and reach out to family, friends, or your usual babysitter to look after your kiddos while you do the heavy lifting. You may also need to get your pets out of the way for a day or two. If friends or family can’t help out, consider pet sitter services like Rover to accommodate your furry friends while you get your move on.