Let us carry the stress of your move.Let us carry the stress of your move.

Oversized Items—Baby Grand Piano

Make Big Moves With Your Fragile And Oversized Items

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to the process of moving, so do the items you have to pack up and move. Whether it’s your prized gun safe or grandma’s antique piano, transporting your larger prized possessions to your new residence—without a scratch—is certainly a priority. In many cases, these oversized items require some special planning.

Move Large Furniture or Specialty Items

Let’s assume you’re planning to use a rental truck from U-Haul or Penske, or perhaps you’ve got your own pickup trunk or access to a trailer from a friend or family member. With transportation lined up, there are some other things you’ll need to get your hands on when preparing to move larger items on your own. First of all, moving blankets are your friend. Make sure you get your hands on some, either from your truck rental provider, an online retailer, or a local hardware store. Moving blankets are crucial for keeping your oversized items safe from bumps and scratches during transit.

Protect Fragile Items And Breakables With These Packing Tips

In addition to those larger specialty items, everyone has to plan accordingly for smaller, fragile items like dishes, glasses, vases, fine china, etc. If you’re here looking for some tips for packing these items yourself, we’ve got you. Still have dish boxes around from when you received wedding registry gifts? Make use of them. You can pack your dinnerware vertically to avoid plates being broken from the weight of others.

Fill your glasses with packing paper or newspaper—and wrap them individually in bubble wrap as well—to protect those items from vibrations and friction during your move. As an alternative (and sustainable) solution, make use of some other items you also need to move—like towels, sheets, and other linens—to wrap and pad your breakable items.

Here’s a list of helpful supplies you can use when packing and/or transporting fragile or large items:

  • Newspaper
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dish boxes
  • Wine bottle boxes
  • Moving blankets
  • House Linens (towels, sheets, comforters)
  • Furniture sliders
  • Furniture dolly

Let Abba Movers Handle (With Care) Your Oversized Items

If you’re in need of someone to handle moving your larger speciality items, look no further. At Abba Movers, our crews in New Orleans and Baton Rouge have the experience to handle (with care) your valuables, protect them during transit, and deliver them safely. And we can move your big ticket items in Southeast Louisiana independent of a full-service move.

Our online estimate calculator includes options to either use our loading/unloading services or have us drive our truck for you, and includes the option to tell us about your speciality items like upright or baby grand pianos, gun cabinets and safes, exercise equipment, or other large and delicate items by request. If you have specific questions about moving any of these, feel free to contact us.